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Featured Partnership

Invest in Kinsha and/or the Payap MA Program

Wycliffe Canada Featured Partnerships

(Photo: Alan Hood)

You can help advance translation of God’s Word into the languages of Southeast Asia, through your gift to the Kinsha and/or the Payap MA program (featured in this issue of Word Alive). Here are the basic details of these important Bible translation partnerships, which you can support through Wycliffe Canada.

Name: Kinsha

Location: Southeast Asia

Language Groups: 60

Overview: Kinsha is a multi-language effort which develops and translates God’s Word and other material for language groups totalling more than a million speakers in a sensitive region of Southeast Asia. The work also includes engaging the language groups with the gospel and beginning literacy programs.

Timeline: 2002 – 2025

Funding Need for 2016: $129,612

Name: Payap MA Program

Location: Thailand and Southeast Asia

Language Groups: 300+

Overview: Payap University’s Master of Arts (MA) program offers a strong track for training students to do Bible translation, linguistics, research and documentation of languages in mainland Southeast Asia’s 300-plus minority languages, ranging from 1,000 to several million speakers each. 

Timeline: Ongoing

Funding Need in 2016: $7,250

Your donations today help spread God’s Word through one or both of these ministries!

Give now at (Under Donation Information, select Kinsha or Payap MA from “Direct my giving to . . . .”)

or call 1-800-463-1143 toll free and indicate your gift is for “Kinsha” and/or “Payap MA Program.”


Twenty-eight . . . and Counting

Dozens upon dozens of languages still need Kinsha's ministry. They are only just getting started.

Simple Math

An effort called Kinsha helps Bible translation and literacy work multiply in a sensitive Southeast Asian country.

Born Again

Dramatically spared from death, a Bible translator commits his life to bringing God’s Word to two related language groups.

Close Call

A Bible translator trusts God after being saved again from the brink of death in a border crossing incident.

Trials & Tribulations

A retiring Kinsha Bible translator survived countless calamities to bring the Word of God to his people.

Gateway to Southeast Asia

A Thai university opens doors of possibilities for the next Bible translation leaders in Southeast Asia.
A Thousand Words

Holy Feast

Soon the Uka people will be able to feast on the Word of God in their mother tongue!

Global Bible Translation News

A Wycliffe linguist is working hard in Cameroon to finalize a way to indicate tones in a language that is part of the Wycliffe Canada-sponsored Ndop Cluster project.
Beyond Words

Let's Be Clear About This

If a lack of clarity leads to misunderstanding, then accuracy has also been compromised.
Last Word

Casting Our Lot with the Marginalized

Bible translation can’t only be done in the easy places. Those surrounded by Islam, Buddhism or Hinduism need to hear the message.
Featured Partnership

Invest in Kinsha and/or the Payap MA Program

You can help advance translation of God’s Word into the languages of Southeast Asia.